Report: Lakers & Russell Westbrook Mutually Looking To Part Ways

The Los Angeles Lakers and their struggling point guard Russell Westbrook are reported to have "mutual interest in finding Westbrook a new home this summer." That's according to Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer

While the trade deadline talks to attempt to unload Westbrook hit a dead end (reportedly when LA refused to include their 2027 first-round pick, in order to bring back John Wall from the Houston Rockets), sources tell Fischer that the offseason will bring "a greater opportunity for the Lakers to shed Westbrook's contract, when they will be eligible to move their 2029 first-round pick."

Westbrook's $44M salary ($47M for next season in the final year of the pact) makes it difficult, regardless of the time of year, but having another first-rounder to peddle gives the Lakers another key asset for a team that would be willing to swallow the 33-year-old's expiring contract for one season. 

In fact, one front office type told Fischer that it would definitely require two first-round picks to take on that $47M albatross for 2022-23. 

In the meantime, the Lakers are saddled with the bad-fit of a roster that they currently have, to play out this season. They currently sit 9th in the Western Conference, just two games from falling out of the Play-In.

Photo Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports