VIDEO: Zion Williamson Shows Off Sick Between The Legs Dunk In New IG Post

Maybe Zion Williamson is doing better than everyone thought. Tuesday night he posted a new video to his Instagram story in which does a between the legs dunk with ease. And yes, he's rocking his newly released Zion 2 shoe, so it is indeed fresh:

This has the whole basketball world in a tizzy, as all we've heard all season long is how the broken bone in his foot has been so slow to heal, suffering setback after setback, and keeping him out of action all season long. The 21-year-old Pelicans superstar hasn't played an NBA game in 323 days. 

Granted, this is just a one-on-none workout, but he gets some nice height for someone who was supposed to be 'out of shape' and still nursing his foot injury. And it was only yesterday that NBA Insider Shams Charania reported that Zion is indeed done for the season

That story noted that "he is making progress toward on-court work." Yes, from the looks of this video, that's some progress.