"Ain't No Discount": Jalen Brunson Looking To Get The Bag From Mavericks This Summer

"Ain't no discount." Those were the words Rick Brunson uttered about his son Jalen Brunson's pending free agency this summer. While that didn't come directly from Jalen's mouth, expect the 25-year-old to command "the bag" from the Dallas Mavericks this summer.

Quote from ESPN:

"We've got to figure out if Dallas wants him. Not words," Rick Brunson says. "Ain't no discount. So don't put it on us. Don't tell me you love me. Show me."

The Mavs point guard has declined to talk about free agency and admitted he doesn't want to discuss it while the season is still going. 

Nonetheless, his father is more than willing to do the talking, which gives Mark Cuban some indication of what to expect when the negotiations start rolling in the offseason.

The Mavericks had the chance to extend Brunson to a $55.5 million deal last summer but opted not to do so. 

Brunson's side vowed not to get into contract talks once the season started. But his father revealed that he told his son to "take the money" back in January.

Apparently, Dallas declined, as there were rumors about including Brunson in a potential deal at the trade deadline. Once the deadline passed and the former Villanova star wasn't dealt, the Mavericks immediately offered him the extension. 

But Brunson's reps insisted to finish out the season instead. Now, Brunson's price has only skyrocketed.

As the saying goes, "yesterday's price is not today's price."

Brunson has definitely elevated his value ahead of free agency, especially with the way he's performed through the 2022 NBA playoffs so far.

In four games this postseason, Brunson is averaging 29.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.8 assists, while shooting 48.3 percent from the field and 40.9 percent from three. This included a 41-point masterclass in Dallas' Game 2 win, followed by a similarly impressive 31-point outing to give the Mavericks a 2-1 series edge after Game 3.

Brunson has also generated plenty of interest from other rival teams. If the Mavs want to keep the rising star, they should be willing to bring out the brinks truck for their starting point guard.

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