DeMarcus Cousins In Middle Of "Some Goofy Sh*t" At Nuggets Bench

The Denver Nuggets have enough to deal with trying to hang with the Golden State Warriors in their first-round series. Fighting with themselves isn't helping matters. A sideline "debate" got a little testy in Sunday's Game 2 loss for Denver between noted "debater" DeMarcus Cousins and his Nuggets teammate Will Barton. 

Barton and Cousins went at it face-to-face during a timeout, and had to be separated. As Charles Barkley noted on Inside The NBA, "If I'm (Nuggets head coach) Michael Malone, I say 'Listen guys... We can't beat these guys if we gonna fight with each other.'... We can't have that B.S. on the bench." 

Barton called the exchange "just some goofy sh*t... I can’t let that happen in this series, in the playoffs, in the game. I’ve got to be better than that.” 

As for Boogie, Barkley went on to say that "DeMarcus, with your reputation, you don't get the benefit of the doubt... Guys get to fighting, it's an emotional game, but you don't do that in public."