DeMarcus Cousins Ripped (Again) by Former Coach

DeMarcus Cousins spent the first 7 years of his NBA career with the Sacramento Kings, and often was at odds with coach George Karl in his last couple of years there. So when Cousins came out ripping the Kings in an interview on Monday ("What did Sacramento do for me?"), Karl shot back with some shade of his own:

"I did more for them than they did for me. That’s just being honest. Just being 100% honest. I had 2 owners, 3 GMs, 7 coaches in 7 years. I was there 7 years," said Boogie.  But Coach Karl blasted Boogie right back with an answer to his question of "What did Sacramento do for me", by answering "Paid you approx. $50M and gave you the opportunity to play professional basketball for a living."

Cousins certainly has a point about all the turmoil and losing that's surrounded the Kings over the years, but Karl sort of put things into perspective. 

And besides, Boogie has had his troubles along his many other NBA stops. On his 3rd team of the current season, just last night Cousins got into a little heated debate during a timeout with his Denver Nuggets teammate. 

Karl has called out Cousins before as well, on more than one occasion, openly stating his dislike for his former center, saying he has "powerful negative energy."

This is an NBA Beef that remains alive and kicking.

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports