Kyrie Irving Fined By NBA For Flipping Off Boston Fans

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving committed 'multiple infractions' in his on-court behavior at Boston, but the NBA has decided to fine him only the maximum allowable before it could be turned into a legal issue. 

The $50,000 fine by the league covers "obscene gestures on the playing court and directing profane language toward the spectator stands"; in other words—for flipping off Celtics fans with the middle-finger salute. 

As explained by NBA Insider Bobby Marks, the fine is the maximum allowed before the player can file a grievance. 

Irving left the Celtics as a free agent four years ago, and has shown his displeasure with Boston fans in the past by stomping on the leprechaun logo at center court. He defended his latest actions of the obscene gestures, in Game 1 of the Nets/Celtics series, this way:

"When people start yelling p***y & b***h & f**k you & all this stuff, there’s only so much you can take as a competitor," said Irving. "We’re the ones expected to be docile & be humble & take a humble approach. Nah, f**k that. It’s the playoffs."