Lakers VP Rob Pelinka Addresses Dreadful Season & Vogel Firing

Calling it a "disappointing season at every level," Los Angeles Lakers vice-president of basketball operations stated the obvious, and vowed that next year will be better. He also made the official announcement that Frank Vogel has been dismissed as head coach.

He said they're looking for a "strong voice" to "inspire the players to play at the highest level." He added that success or failure is a simple equation in LA: 

The calculus for Lakers success is pretty binary. Either we win a championship or we don't.

"Our fans expect more," continued Pelinka. "And that's at every facet. It starts with the front office, led by me, and our ability to construct the right roster. It's the coaches, holding players accountable and making sure that there's on-court execution... and it goes to our players, to play with on-court execution at the highest level." 

But when asked why Vogel was the scapegoat if the roster he, Pelinka, constructed was a failure, he evaded the question.

Pelinka added that he has no concerns about the future of LeBron James with the Lakers. 

"Every indication that we’ve received is he sees the Lakers as his home."

As for who they'll target for their next head coach, several names have already surfaced, including Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers, and one wild rumor that emerged today