Even Ben Simmons Is Piling on James Harden

As the Philadelphia 76ers lick their wounds from yet another early playoff exit, a lot of the blame is being foisted on James Harden, who was acquired in the big trade deadline blockbuster from the Brooklyn Nets for holdout Ben Simmons. 

Harden took only two shots in the 2nd half of their Game 6 elimination against the Miami Heat, scored 0 (zero) points in those final 24 minutes of Philly's season, and was even tossed under the bus by Joel Embiid afterwards for his timidness at the offensive end. 

Those problems sound eerily similar to the Ben Simmons Experience in last year's playoffs, in which he was made the scapegoat for his 'shyness' on the offensive end, effectively ending his time in the City of Brotherly Love. 

As Harden continues to get trashed for his lackluster performance, Simmons seems to be reveling in it all, actually "liking" a tweet from TV talking head Skip Bayless which ripped Harden. 

"James Harden typically no-showed in the second half of this closeout game," tweeted Bayless. "Now he's mostly just another Jim Harden. Ben Simmons eventually will make this trade look so phoolish for Philly."

And a "like" from Simmons.

Bayless continued to go off on The Beard.

"James Harden does not care about winning," said Bayless. "He cares about winning MVP, and he did in 2018. He cares about being ranked in the NBA's All-Time Top 75, and he is." 

A playoff winner? That, he still is not. 

Photo Credit: Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports