Mavericks Ban Fans For "Unwanted Hugs" (No, We're Not Kidding)

Here's a headline we didn't think we'd see this NBA season: The Dallas Mavericks have banned two "unruly fans" for attempting to give "unwanted hugs" to Phoenix Suns' guard Chris Paul's family members. 

We told you earlier about the incident involving Paul's mother and wife who were at the game in Dallas during Game 4 of their series, and CP3's anger over the situation.  Turns out, after an investigation by Mavericks security, it was determined that the two "unruly fans" in question were attempting to "give unwanted hugs and have conversations with members of the Paul family on the public concourse of American Airlines Center." Security was notified and the fans were ejected. 

Now, those two fans have been banned from the rest of the playoffs, and will not be allowed to return to AAC arena until 2023. 

The Suns' 12-time All-Star was visibly upset over the situation, and yelled at one of the perpetrators, "I'll see you later!" Turns out now, that CP3 will not have to see him later. Or at least not until 2023.