NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant M.I.A., Could Ask Out Of Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets have a huge offseason ahead of them. And it all hinges on their decision of what to do with Kyrie Irving. And according to Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News, a misstep here could lead to Kevin Durant wanting out. 

In fact, KD has been M.I.A. says Winfield, revealing that Durant and the front office haven't spoken since the team was unceremoniously swept out of the playoffs in the first round last month.

Nets GM Sean Marks has already said, in not-so-veiled terms, that the team wasn't pleased with Irving's comings and goings the past couple of seasons, and wouldn't stand up for it again. Will they offer him a contract? Winfield says that the Nets, "according to a source familiar with the Nets’ thought process, (are) outright unwilling to give him a long-term extension."

And if that happens, and Kyrie bolts, "Brooklyn doesn’t have the cap space to replace him with a star," writes Winfield, "which means Durant, entering Year 16, could be playing with a questionable Ben Simmons (back surgery) and a roster full of role players."

That, Winfield suggests, could lead to KD wanting out. "It wouldn’t be a surprise if Durant becomes frustrated with the organization’s ability to put championship pieces around him."

Interesting times ahead, indeed, for the Brooklyn Nets. 

Photo Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports