Kevin Durant Addresses Kyrie Irving Contract Situation

As the Kyrie Irving/Brooklyn Nets standoff continues, and continuous leaks are perpetrated by both sides trying to gain whatever leverage they can through the media, one very interested bystander—Kevin Durant—claims he is being just that. A bystander. He addressed where he stands on the ETCs podcast. According to NetsDaily, he says he is not going to get involved.

This is this man’s livelihood. This is much bigger than me. Being a free agent, it’s one of the most important times in your career. That can’t be swayed by anybody else. I just do me and wait for the time.

Durant adds that he doesn't think Kyrie will make a decision on his $36.9M player option (and whether to become a free agent) until the last moment, on June 29th. 

"I just let things play out and see what happens," added KD, "but keep the regular contact up with Ky... It's something that's so much out of my control that I don't want to be a part of it."

As for the swirling rumors and leaks making the rounds, a lot of it surrounding how HE feels about all of this, Durant says that too, is out of his control.

"I understand why there's so much noise around us, but as individuals, you control what you can. If the time's right, everything will work out for itself."

 Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports