NBA Rumors: Durant and Irving Could Go Together In Wildest Rumor Yet

ESPN's NBA Insider Brian Windhorst has floated the wildest rumor of the day, and he seems flustered even saying it, but he has gotten word from executives that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant—IF they want to stay together—could go in a package deal to the Lakers. Sounds crazy, we know, but hear him out:

"It has been floated to me by executives that.. (stops to shake his head in disbelief).. if they were to be kept together, the Lakers would potentially have a package that you could trade for both of them…But it's too fragile, because we just don't know where Kyrie and KD are about being together... But we don’t really have enough information to know.” 

Even Adrian Wojnarowski admits this is actually a possibility:

"It's certainly a possibility... They want to continue to play together but the sense is they don't want to do it together in Brooklyn anymore," said Woj.

From a salary matching perspective, Anthony Davis would almost certainly have to be heading to Brooklyn (along with Russell Westbnrook), to make this work. 

Definitely the wildest rumor we've heard yet. But crazier things have happened. Hey, who thought that hours after Kyrie opted-in, that KD would be requesting a trade. Insane stuff going down.

Photo Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports