NBA Rumors: Here's What Nets Would Want From Lakers For Kyrie Irving

As the Kyrie Irving soap opera continues in Brooklyn, some teams are getting exciting about the prospect of adding the problematical but talented point guard... Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers. 

But as reported by ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst today, the Nets have "no interest" in a Kyrie trade that brings back Russell Westbrook to Brooklyn. What DO they want, then?

Westbrook, says Windhorst, "would not advance the Nets title hopes... So you can forget about that... The only player that the Nets would have interest in from the Lakers in a Kyrie Irving trade, would be Anthony Davis. And I am told that Anthony Davis is not available in such a scenario.

"The only way that Kyrie is going to be a Laker is if he goes there in free agency, (which means) he'd have to leave $30M on the table, and I just do not see that happening."

Sorry, Laker fans. 

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports