NBA Rumors: Knicks Strange Draft Indication Of All-Out Brunson Pursuit

So the New York Knicks didn’t come out of the 2022 NBA Draft with any players (as was obvious to anyone who watched Stephen A. Smith during the ABC/ESPN coverage). But what they DID emerge with was about $15-$18M in cap space according to NBA Insider Marc Stein, and that leaves them just one step away from being able to offer free agent Jalen Brunson what he’s looking for. 

The Knicks have plenty of reasons—and plenty of connections—to draft Brunson, including his father Rick, a former Knick, being hired as an assistant coach.

Recent indications, however, are that the Dallas Mavericks have no intention of letting Brunson go. He exploded into the spotlight this season, in particular with his playoff performance. He's looking for a contract worth well north of $80M. 

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports