Bradley Beal Contract Is Unlike Any Other In NBA For One Reason

The moratorium was lifted today for teams to actually put pen to paper with players on newly-agreed contracts. Bradley Beal signed his humongous five-year, $251M deal to stay with the Washington Wizards, and it contains one very significant clause, as related by NBA Front Office wiz Bobby Marks.

Beal is the only player in the league with a true no trade clause, and only the 10th player in NBA history to have one. And this is one exclusive list, Hall of Famers all:

While it's become custom for NBA superstars to sign max deals and then a year or two down the road simply ask for a trade when they feel it's time for a change (see: Durant, Kevin; Simmons, Ben, etc. etc.), what the true no-trade clause really does for Beal—when and if he wants to move on—is it allows him to choose and approve where he'd like to go, without any haggling. 

Even though it seems as if he's locked-in in D.C. for now, it was only a year ago that he had an approved list of teams on his radar.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports