NBA Rumors: Woj Drops Latest On Leading Kevin Durant Contenders

"They're going to need to be creative... to try to find a pathway to a deal." That's the word from NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski as to how teams like the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat will need to work on any deal for the Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant. 

While Woj indicated that the Miami Heat are among "the most determined teams" to acquire KD, and that they've talked with Nets' brass in Las Vegas these past couple of weeks, it's going to get complicated.  

"For Miami and Brooklyn to do a deal, they're going to need a 3rd team and maybe even a 4th team. There's really not a 1-on-1 deal they can do." Same goes for the Phoenix Suns. 

The Toronto Raptors are one team that can do a straight-up deal for Durant, however, there's one big caveat, which we've outlined recently. 

"Scottie Barnes continues to be a non-starter for the Raptors in any Kevin Durant discussion," says Woj.

In the end, we are "no closer to a trade for Kevin Durant. This is a process that's going to continue, and may continue beyond Summer League."