Donovan Mitchell Makes Emphatic Statement On Social Media

The Utah Jazz have been posturing to trade Donovan Mitchell all summer. Talks had been hot and heavy with the New York Knicks, Mitchell's hometown team. And how does the 3-time All-Star feel about the ongoing drama surrounding him in Utah? 

Today, Mitchell made a fairly emphatic statement — one of those, 'tell me how you feel, without telling me how you feel' things. He removed any mention of the Jazz from his social media bios.  

You can see it clearly in the before and after: "Be Humble 🙏🏾 Former Louisville Guard... Utah Jazz Guard" has now changed to simply "Be Humble 🙏🏾".

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to figure that something's up. Or at least that Spida is making a big statement.  

The Knicks' signing of RJ Barrett to a long-term extension today has complicated matters as far as getting a deal done with New York, but many feel that it's still going to happen, just in another form. 

Things are definitely heating up on the Donovan Mitchell front. 

Photo: Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports