Miami Heat Icon Makes Decision On Career

Udonis Haslem has played 19 seasons in the NBA, every single one of them with his hometown Miami Heat. On Sunday, he made a decision to return for his 20th and final season as a player. 

“Got one more in me for Pop. Got one more in me for the city. Got one more in me for the team," said the teary-eyed Haslem, who made the announcement at his youth camp.

Haslem said he'd promised to his late father that he would play 20 seasons. He's doing it for him, and for his hometown.  

The 42-year-old doesn't really have a huge playing role anymore with the Heat, playing in only 13 games last season. But his value as a team leader and an extension of the coach was never more obvious than in one particular incident this past season, when Jimmy Butler was being... well... Jimmy Butler.  
When the team's star player started challenging coach Erik Spoelstra, Haslem immediately stepped in and took up the fight. 

Haslem went undrafted out of college in 2002, and started his career in Miami in 2003. He has three championship rings from his two decades with the Heat, and goes into his final season with career averages of 5.7 points and 5.6 rebounds.

Photos: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports