"Rudy Gobert Messed It Up For Everybody!": Insider Explains Hold Up In Mitchell Talks

When the Utah Jazz were able to extract five (four plus the 2022 pick) first-rounders from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Rudy Gobert, it appears to have set the bar for the Jazz' next big move—the trading of Donovan Mitchell. 

Jazz CEO Danny Ainge is now looking for at least six first-round picks in any trade for his 3-time All-Star, and according to NBA Insider Stephen A. Smith, therein lies the problem as to why talks have been so stagnant.

"Rudy Gobert messed it up for everybody," said Stephen A. "Because the New York Knicks, from what I'm told, are prepared to give up as many as four first-round picks... possibly five, but that's their limit...

"But Danny Ainge—being the thief in the night that's he's known to be—wants SIX first-round picks... Your asking price has compromised everything. That's why everybody is saying 'I gotta get more for Donovan Mitchell, more for Kevin Durant, than Utah got for Rudy Gobert."

Talk has re-emerged of RJ Barrett possibly entering the discussions as well, while the Knicks had already made it pretty clear that he would not be involved. 

Although negotiations have resumed, it sounds like we're a ways away from any agreement. 

Photos: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports, Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports