NBA Rumors: Jae Crowder Has Potential Suitor In Former NBA Champs

Jae Crowder has apparently played his last game with the Phoenix Suns. He recently posted a trade hype video to promote his move out of the Valley of the Sun. The team is in agreement that they will try to move him and told him not to report to training camp. 

There are several teams that would make for good fits for Crowder, but according to Zach Lowe, yet another Eastern Conference contender, the Milwaukee Bucks, should have the Bossman on their radar. 

The Bucks will look though I bet... The Bucks were sneakily kind of sniffing around Jerami Grant in Detroit before Portland swooped in. I think they like the idea of the switchable, switchable, switchable guys.

The Portland Trail Blazers landed Grant in a trade from the Detroit Pistons earlier in the summer. 

The Bucks, however, are still looking to replace the PJ Tucker role that worked so well for them on the way to an NBA championship in 2021. Crowder seems like an ideal replacement. He can bring some toughness and switching ability on defense, and he can—when his shot is right—space the floor and hit threes. 

The one salary fit on the Bucks that would seem to make sense in return for Crowder would be Grayson Allen. The latter's marksmanship is fine for the regular season, but his numbers have fallen off in the playoffs the past couple of years, and Crowder is a leader and a veteran of the playoff wars. 

Photos: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports, Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports