NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook's Stance On A Possible Trade Revealed

According to trusted NBA Insider Ramona Shelbourne, Russell Westbrook has stated emphatically that he is "very open" to a trade away from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Speaking on The Lowe Post podcast, Shelburne noted what Russ is really looking for:

Russ is very open to a trade. He hasn't asked for a trade. I've been assured of that. But he's open to that, and somebody who wants him and wants to empower him and wants him to be Russell Westbrook of old.

The "Russell Westbrook of old." So it seems that sharing a backcourt with Patrick Beverley, and being a forgotten and much-maligned member of the Lakers' offense isn't really appealing to him for another go-round this season. 

"It's not about can the Lakers trade Russell Westbrook. Because I think there are trades out there," said Shelburne. "But the other side of a trade is—would that team want you to play for them?"

Lowe posited that none of the four teams that seem to be in play to take on Westbrook's expiring $47M contract would really be interested in having him actually play. The Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers and Charlotte Hornets are named as the possible takers. 

Which brings us back to Shelburne's point: that a trade like that would require Russ to either take a buyout, or sit home and collect his paycheck, like John Wall did last season in Houston. But that's not Russ.

"[He would] have to agree to a buyout. And that's not how he is wired... This is a guy who's very proud."

Which makes a trade seem even more unlikely. 

This matches with what fellow ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst said earlier this week. 

“Based on the executives I’m talking to," said Windhorst, "they believe that the Lakers have come to the conclusion that they’re not going to trade Westbrook now, because they don’t like any of their offers and they’re going to try and make the best of it and see what happens.” 

And that means we get to watch lineups of Russ and Pat Bev on the floor together. Now that could be some fine entertainment. 

Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports