NBA Rumors: Two New Teams Named In Utah's Bogdanovic Talks

As the Utah Jazz continue to tear it all down, the next player in heavy demand is sharpshooter Bojan Bogdanovic. We've already written here about four teams that were said to be interested, now two new teams have entered the fray. 

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Pelicans are "in on" Bogdanovic in addition to the initial teams with interest.

“Toronto has been pretty consistently mentioned there,” Fischer said on his recent podcast. “The Pelicans I’ve now heard as well are a team that’s been on him. Phoenix, all in addition to the Lakers. There’s got to be more too, but those are the four teams I’ve heard from multiple people that I know.” 

Bogdanovic has been one of the top secondary scorers in the NBA the past three years while in Utah. He's averaged 18.4 points and shot 40% from three-point range during that time. He's also consistently durable, missing only 29 games total in his 8 years in the NBA. 

The Raptors are desperate for some reliable scoring from the second unit, so Bogdanovic could fill a huge role for them. 

The Pelicans took a large step forward last season, with an impressive performance in reaching the playoffs, and an equally-strong turnout in a tough 6-game defeat to the top-seeded Phoenix Suns in the first round. Adding another reliable scorer from outside to complement the returning Zion Williamson down low would make the Pels even tougher to stop. 

But the price is high for any team looking to extract Bogdanovic from Danny Ainge's clutches. He's asking for a first-round pick in any return package. 

Photos: Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports, Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports