Nets' Markieff Morris Has Hilarious Take On Durant's Trade Demands

The Brooklyn Nets' relationship with their superstar player seems to be an awkward one, after a summer in which Kevin Durant demanded a trade, before rescinding the demand well over two months later. But for the newest Net, Markieff Morris, he says this kind of thing shouldn't be a shock to anyone who's ever been in a relationship.

"That's the NBA, man. You break up with a girlfriend, you get back with her. Same sh*t... I broke up with my wife a couple times, we still married. Sh*t works! Sometimes you just need space to figure things out." 

Meanwhile, the 6'9" power forward can expect to have his hands full this season with the Nets, as head coach Steve Nash has a specific role lined up for him.

Calling him "a 5", Nash is affirming that Morris will be playing a small-ball center for Brooklyn. That was part of the plan when they signed him as a free agent this summer. And as noted by Nets beat reporter Matt Brooks, this shouldn't be entirely shocking, as Morris has played center about 22% of the time over the course of his 11-year career. 

He says he hopes to bring a "toughness" that the Nets didn't have last season.

 "They was soft. Just point blank period. When we played up against them, they was soft. Just go right up in their chest. That's what we did."

Photos: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports