Current & Former Players Slam Warriors For Handling Of Green Punch

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made the announcement late Tuesday night: Draymond Green would not be suspended for his sucker punch on teammate Jordan Poole in practice last week. And in fact, Green will be re-joining the team for their final preseason game Thursday night. 

Everyone saw the severity of Green's right hook to the head, as the video was leaked out to the public. Bobby Portis, now of the Milwaukee Bucks, was suspended for 8 games for punching teammate Nikola Mirotic in practice when they were with the Bulls back in 2017. And Portis is p*ssed. 

Portis doesn't even think it's comparable since he was "defending myself."

Now former 16-year NBA veteran Detlef Schrempf has called out the Warriors for their failure to set an example of Green by handing out harsher punishment. 

"I appreciate the thorough process to come up with the best outcome for your organization," began Schrempf in his tweet, "but what message is going out to our young & impressionable athletes competing every day. Will Draymond address this in public & condemn or condone it? What are the consequences in the future?"

Schrempf obviously feels that because everyone saw the seriousness of the act—even Kerr called it "really serious stuff" and "the biggest crisis we've ever had"—not punishing Green with a harsher penalty is sending the wrong message to young athletes that this kind of violence is ok. 

Even former NFL Pro Bowl quarterback Robert Griffin III chimed in on the light punishment, comparing Green's incident to the much less aggressive push that Las Vegas Raiders Davante Adams put on a member of the media Monday night.

"If they charging Davante Adams with misdemeanor assault for a push what are they charging Draymond Green with?!?!" wrote Griffin. 

More player reactions still undoubtedly still be forthcoming on the Draymond incident.