Video Revealed Of Draymond Green Sucker Punching Jordan Poole In Head

Leave it to TMZ, but somehow they've acquired the practice video of Draymond Green aggressively striking teammate Jordan Poole during a Golden State Warriors practice earlier this week. Without further ado:

It starts slowly, with Green over at the sideline, and Poole on the baseline. Poole is doing some talking, and obviously says something that gets Green to come over and confront him, chest-to-chest. Poole shoves Green, and then Draymond releases a vicious sucker punch to the jaw of his teammate, knocking him to the floor and piling on top. That's also when everyone else came into the fray to try to separate them. 

Warriors general manager Bob Myers has already said that Green has apologized to the team and that they will handle the discipline internally. But this certainly looks a lot more serious than we were led to believe.

Steph Curry disputed the reports that Poole has been a little difficult in camp this month, and says the ugly incident was certainly uncalled for"[Poole] has been great, and there was nothing that warranted the situation yesterday. I want to make that clear."

Green is not expected back at the Warriors training facility until Saturday.