"I Could Have Cracked His Head Open": Celtics Player Offers Insight Into Fight With 76ers Center

When Adam Silver matched up two of the NBA’s biggest rivalries on Opening Day, he was surely hoping to see some sparks fly, and he got that in the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers’ game, with Marcus Smart and Joel Embiid picking up where they left off last year. After competing for a loose ball in the 76ers’ end, Smart’s arm wound up wrapped around Embiid’s torso. Embiid tried to twist his body away from the point guard, but Smart’s arm got caught and pulled with him. Smart broke free and fell to the ground in pain, then tripped up Embiid by swiping at his foot. The two got up and began jawing at each other, with Smart’s teammate Jaylen Brown joining in his defense.
Ultimately, the altercation was short-lived. Soon after, the Celtics went on a 13-point run and wound up taking the win, 126-117, without any more fireworks. After the game, though, Smart pointed some serious accusations at Embiid for his behavior in the confrontation. Smart said he took the move as an intentional attempt to seriously injure him, stating the center wanted to “break his arm,” and that Smart could have “cracked [Embiid’s] head open” in retaliation, but chose not to.

The 76ers and Celtics will face each other 3 more times in the regular season, not to mention a possible playoff matchup. It’s sure to make for some good basketball, so let’s hope the two teams can avoid any cracked heads or broken arms. 

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