Anthony Davis Comments on Team's Personal Accountability

The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a terrible start to the season. They currently hold a record of 2-10 and are continuously struggling to find ways to win. Anthony Davis does not like the way the team is performing and he wants his teammates to handle personal accountability better. 

The Lakers are a winning franchise and are one behind the Boston Celtics in total championships with 16. Naturally, there is more criticism of how the team performs year in and year out. They are capable of getting the top stars into the city, because who would not want to play in Los Angeles. Their last championship was in 2020 during the bubble season. Since then, they have added Russell Westbrook, another star to the team to hopefully get them another ring.

However, it has been a controversial start to the season for the Lakers, with some doubting that their star players are capable of winning again. LeBron James continues to play great for the team but it seems like the contribution from other players is not enough. They rank dead last in three-point percentage and Davis has struggled with injuries once again. Westbrook is now coming off the bench, which seems to be working, so the question remains, why are they not winning?
Davis' frustration is about the team's personal accountability. The eight-time all-star mentions that "the thing is, there’s a lot of, like, ‘My bads.’ Which is good. But we can’t have a lot of, ‘My bads.’ He added that although his teammates are recognizing their errors that it sometimes leads to the other team going "on a 14-5 run." 
Whether or not the team can snap their five-game losing streak, they have to figure it out soon before trade talks become a reality. The Lakers will play the Nets tomorrow night at home and hope they can shake off their current slump. 

Photo Credit Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports