Cam Reddish Speaks Up On Trade Rumors

On Wednesday it was reported from several sources that the New York Knicks were working with the representatives of Cam Reddish to find a trade for the currently benched forward. 

But it appears that Reddish himself didn't get the memo.

“Y’all seem to know more than me, for real," said Reddish when asked about the rumors by reporters. "I don’t know what y’all talking about, but I haven’t requested no trade. Nothing like that. But I guess reporters just gonna keep reporting. I'm at the house just chillin'.”

Of course, it's possible that Reddish's agents are indeed working behind the scenes with the Knicks to get their client somewhere where he can get some run. The former lottery pick is currently out of coach Tom Thibodeau's rotation. 

"I guess that’s just how it goes..I got no control over that. I just come to work everyday, just like y’all. Do my job and hey man, it’s just the result."

After another DNP-Coach's Decision in Wednesday night's 113-89 Knicks win over the Atlanta Hawks (the team that drafted Reddish with the No. 10 pick in the 2019 Draft), Reddish is averaging 8.4 points in 22 minutes a game. But over the last four games, he's averaged just five minutes per contest, include two DNPs. 

Photo: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports