Cavaliers Concerned All-Star Could Miss Time After Getting "Hacked"

“Just getting hacked all season,” was the way Cleveland Cavaliers guard Darius Garland described things after suffering an injured thumb in Thursday’s 135-126 loss to the Indiana Pacers.

The Cavs are concerned their All-Star guard could miss some time.

Garland was driving toward the paint in the 4th quarter when he got hammered on the right hand by Indiana forward Oshae Brissett, who was trying to swipe at the ball. The Cavs' guard screamed in pain and grabbed his thumb. 

“Nothing has changed," said Garland, still furious about the beating he takes on a nightly basis, and the league's inability to protect players. "The physicality isn’t a factor at all. It’s the whistle not being blown at the right time when it’s a foul, an obvious foul. Some of this stuff we should be reviewing.

“The whole thing about the league taking care of the players, it seems like we’re not doing that as much this year,” Garland added. “At least, the way we did in previous years.”

Garland left the game, in pain, after the incident, and returned with a wrap on his thumb. He played, but was unable to score for the rest of the game, while avoiding using the hand whenever possible, and missing two free throws.

Chris Fedor of said that while there's been no diagnosis as yet, "the Cavs left Indiana concerned about a potential absence, sources said."

Photo: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports