NBA Rumors: 3 Big-Name Teams Who've Asked Knicks About Reddish

While Cam Reddish may not fit in the New York Knicks' plans, there are a few big-name teams around the league that have expressed interest in taking him off the Knicks' hands. According to Knicks Insider Ian Begley, that includes two of the last three world champions. 

"There's an interesting scenario, buzz, around him," explained Begley. "We know that ever since the Knicks dealt for him, teams were talking to the Knicks about 'Hey, can we get him? What do you guys think of him? We're interested.' The (Los Angeles) Lakers had heavy interest; the (Milwaukee) Bucks and the (Miami) Heat have checked in with the Knicks. And now with Reddish out of the Knicks rotation, what's next, right? I'm sure the Knicks are going to field calls on Reddish."

The former lottery pick (No. 10 in the 2019 Draft) is only 23, and averaged 11.1 points in 26 minutes per game during his Atlanta Hawks tenure to begin his career. Under Tom Thibodeau in New York, however, he's only managed to get into 18 minutes per game, and he's averaging just 8.4 points. It's easy to see why rival teams would be asking the Knicks "what do you guys think of him?"

A report came out earlier this week that Reddish's agents were working with the Knicks on a trade to move him elsewhere, but Reddish himself had his own thoughts on the matter

Photo: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports