Kyrie Irving Deletes His Apology For Posting Antisemitic Film

Now that he's out of Brooklyn, all bets are off for Kyrie Irving's behavior from here on out. Let the Dallas Mavericks be warned. 

Irving has deleted his apology on IG that he issued, at the Nets' insistence, for his ill-advised promotion of a hate film filled with antisemitic falsehoods and conspiracy theories. That all resulted in a team-imposed indefinite suspension that ended after eight games. But that's all in the past now for Irving, now that he's left another team in his dust.

He summed up his roundabout evading of the question of why he did it by saying, "when I'm on the court, I'll try not to be distracted by y'all." 

The Nets required Irving to follow a series of steps before his suspension ended back in November. One of those requirements was to post an apology on social media. So much for that. 

It remains to be seen if the Mavericks can make it work any better with Irving than the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, or the Nets before them. History does speak volumes, however.

Photo: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports