"That's Not Right!!": Rockets Coach Fed Up With Young Players

After surrendering another 140 points on their home floor, losing 140-120 to the Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets head coach Stephen Silas had finally had enough. The young team doesn't really seem to be improving. And their selfish and indifferent play, which has already gotten to one veteran teammate, now has their coach calling them out. Silas was as animated as he gets, banging his hand on the table trying to get his message across. 

"Getting into the body, getting into the body, getting over the screen, being in help, sprinting to close outs—doing what we're supposed to do. Acting as if it doesn't matter. It matters!

"Disappointing... That's not right!" he added while banging on the scoresheet. "What we did out there on the floor tonight — that's not right!" 

Silas then summed it up by calling it all a lack of effort. "They're not giving the effort on the defensive end. They're not getting AFTER IT like they're supposed to!," he said as he slammed his hand down on the table. "They're not... helping each other. They're not doing what they're supposed to do."

And with that, he upped and walked out of the media conference.  

 Photo: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports