Marcus Smart Body Slams Trae Young To Floor, Gets Ejected

The Boston Celtics/Atlanta Hawks game devolved into a scrap on Saturday night, as Marcus Smart seemed to take exception to a kick to the groin from Trae Young, grabbed him and essentially body-slammed him to the court. The incident occurred with just 1:25 left in the game, with the Celtics on the way to a 134-125 win. Young was driving to the basket and drew a foul on Smart, but as he went by, his back foot kicked out and hit the Celtics' guard where the sun don't shine.

Smart grabbed Young under the basket, they had a few unpleasant words and then Smart seemed to throw him to the ground as they were wrapped up. 

Smart was ejected for, as noted in the officials' report after the game, "the grab and take down of Young... He slams him to the ground."

“This is a competitive game,” Hawks head coach Quin Snyder said after the game. “Guys mix it up, and I thought our security guys did a good job keeping everything in line.” 

But these two also have a bit of a history, as noted by Ben Stinar:

Smart finished the game with 11 points and six assists, while Young had 35 points and 13 assists. The Celtics improved to 47-21, the Hawks dropped to 8th in the East, at 34-34.