New York Knicks Legend And Former MVP Passes Away

The New York Knicks have a very storied history throughout the NBA, with many legends playing for the franchise, but the best player in the history of the team is the only Knick to ever win MVP is Willis Reed.

Today however, at aged 80, Reed passed away as one of the biggest legends in NBA history, winning 2 NBA Championships, 2 Finals MVP, 1 MVP award, 7 All-Star appearances and 5 All-NBA appearances, while also racking up a fantastic 12,183 points over his career. 

Reed was a deserving member of the NBA 75th Anniversary team, and after meaning so much to the New York Knicks and the NBA Community as a whole, we all wish that Reed will Rest In Peace after an incredible life on and off the court. 

Photo Credit: Manny Rubio-USA TODAY Sports