Why Was Scottie Barnes Ejected With 28 Seconds Left? He's In "Disbelief"

A close game was coming down to a great finish between the Toronto Raptors and Denver Nuggets, when suddenly, with just 28 seconds left in a one-point game, Raptors rookie Scottie Barnes was ejected and assessed a technical, giving the Nuggets a series of free throws to seal the game.

Barnes couldn't understand why he was thrown out, and even tweeted for the first time in five months after the game to state his bewilderment:

"I'm in disbelief" was his short but to-the-point tweet. 

After the game, Barnes explained, “I was just saying something to myself and then I guess he took offense to it. So he just threw me out the game. I was just like talking to myself."

The officials, however, took offense to what the 2022 Rookie of the Year said 'to himself', which, according to unofficial lip-reader Rob Perez, was apparently "y'all are cheating bro." It went down like this:

Crew chief Scott Foster wrote up that Barnes “questioned the integrity of the crew” leading to the ejection.

Raptors head coach Nick Nurse wasn't convinced. “I think it was a great game that looked like it was coming down to a great ending, it’s a little bit unfortunate that we didn’t get to see that ending, at all,” Nurse said. “Especially on the one Scottie got ejected on. There was absolutely nothing there — nothing.”

And for the Raptors, another close game came down to the same: nothing (as far as the win column goes.)