Houston Rockets Rumors: 2 Players Who Definitely Won’t Be Back

The Houston Rockets are in for some big changes this offseason. They're already on the hunt for a new head coach, and rumors have been making the rounds over the last several weeks that the team will be looking to bring in some impact veterans to expedite the rebuild. Even a reunion with James Harden seems to be on the table. 

But when it comes to who definitely won't be back next season, there are a couple of names that loom large... and we mean large

Boban Marjanovic

By all accounts, he's definitely the most fun teammate to have around, and one of the nicest guys in the NBA. But the Rockets are anxious to ramp up their program, and can't really afford to use up a roster spot for, essentially, the best mascot in basketball. 

Make no mistake, the 7'3" always-smiling Serbian can play, but he just hasn't really been given that role in the NBA for many years. After playing just five minutes per game in 31 contests, the Rockets will likely not be re-signing the free agent-to-be, as hard as that might be for Houston players and fans to accept. 

Frank Kaminsky

The veteran big man came over as part of a trade deadline deal from the Atlanta Hawks, but followers of the team can be excused if they weren't even aware of it. The 30-year-old 7-footer got into just 10 games with the Rockets and played less than six minutes per contest, scoring 1.8 points. 

With an expiring contract, and plenty of young bigs they need to develop, Kaminsky really has no place on the Rockets going forward, and will undoubtedly not be brought back. 

And whether they bring in Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller as their reward in the Draft Lottery, this Rockets team will look much different next season—on paper, and on the court.

Photo: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports