Steve Kerr Defends Draymond Green: "We Will Go To Bat For Draymond"

The Golden State Warriors are down 2-0 in the series against the Kings and things are not looking good. In game two, Draymond Green stepped on Kings center Domantas Sabonis and received a technical and was ejected from the game. It was then announced that he would be suspended for Game 3. When asked about Green, coach Steve Kerr defended who Draymond is as a player and emphasized his support. 

Green has been with the team since he got drafted in 2012 and has been an integral part of the Warriors dynasty. Along with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, they have won four championships together. Kerr has gone as far as suggesting that "we don't have a single championship without Draymond Green. That's the truth."
Coach Kerr also recognizes the personality and type of player Draymond is and acknowledges that "he's crossed the line over the years, and that's part of it." He also added his unwavering support for the forward and said, "We will go to bat for Draymond, and go to battle with him every day of the week."

Green has been a controversial player since entering the league. It was not the first time that he's done something to earn him a technical and suspension. In fact, he has a reputation for it, and was the motivating factor for the Game 3 suspension, as Joe Dumars explained. 

Kerr has played with a similar player in his days in the NBA in Dennis Rodman. The difference is, he didn't have to manage Rodman's emotions, and frankly, he doesn't think he can manage Green either. Kerr states that "we accept Draymond for who he is and what he stands for because, frankly, it makes us win."
Without Draymond, the Warriors will definitely be tested, although they play at home, where they've had the most success this year. However, the absence of the 2017 defensive player of the year will definitely play a role in the outcome of Game 3. 

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