DeMar DeRozan Says There Are Some "Sorry Mother F*****s" In The NBA

More often than not, players in the league don't really express their opinions on the league outside the season. However, in an age where NBA players have their own podcasts, they have been given a platform to speak their minds. Chicago Bulls star DeMar DeRozan joined 'Podcast P with Paul George' and did not hold back on the talent level of some players in the NBA.

DeRozan was asked by one of the hosts on the podcast about LeBron's tweet regarding his son Bronny being better than some current NBA players. He did not shy away from pointing out that "we do got a lot of sorry mother f*****s in our league."
Although it sounds surprising for a star player to point that out, he proceeded to explain his stance. DeRozan added that a lot players in the NBA "take it for granted," and want the perks that come with being in the league but "don't want to put the work in."
This is not the first time an NBA player points out that players are not willing to work hard on their craft. In fact, DeRozan's teammate Patrick Beverley made a similar comment. He stated that "50% of players do not love the game."

It's not surprising that there is a large pool of talent in the NBA but so few of them put in hours in the gym. That is what separates the superstars and All-Stars from the rest of the league. At the end of the day, it is the talent that got them to the NBA, but it is the work ethic that keeps them there.