NBA Rumors: 3 Philadelphia 76ers Who Won’t Be Back Next Season

Another disappointing playoff flameout for the Philadelphia 76ers has already claimed its first victim, as we found out on Tuesday that head coach Doc Rivers has been fired. 

So, yes, that's one main Sixer who won't be back, but that's not all.

For a team that has continually failed to make it out of the second round, there will be other changes as well. Some players on the current roster will not be back next season. Here are three that stand out:

James Harden

The rumors have been flying in recent months that The Beard wants to head back to the scene of his greatest successes in the league, the Houston Rockets. He was an 8-time All-Star there, and averaged just a tick under 30 points per game in his 8+ seasons. And the Rockets have plenty of cap room to make it happen. 

Is it just noise, sent out by the Harden camp to try to coerce the biggest free agent deal he can out of the Sixers? Not according to Insider Adrian Wojnarowski: 

“I wouldn’t underestimate it as just a leverage play,” Woj said of Harden’s interest in Houston. “I think he’s very serious about returning.”

On the other hand, one reason for Harden to leave Philly has been removed—he was not enamoured with coach Doc Rivers. That part, at least, is no longer an impediment.

Montrezl Harrell

It was just three years ago that Harrell was Sixth Man of the Year. Seems like another world, doesn't it? The big man's production and usage have fallen off a cliff in Philly, averaging just 5.6 points and 12 minutes per game this season. And he was invisible in the postseason.

Harrell has a player option for next season at $2.7M. But seeing as he came to the City of Brotherly Love in the first place in order to reunite with James Harden and Doc Rivers, there might just not be any reasons left for him to want to stay. 

Dewayne Dedmon

If you thought Harrell was underused, then Dedmon was a complete afterthought following his signing late in the season. The center got into eight games but only played 9.5 minutes per. He averaged 3.5 points. And in the playoffs? He got on the floor for just five minutes in total. 

Photo: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports