Betting Odds For Top 3 Damian Lillard Trade Destinations

The talk has never been so rampant about the chances of a Damian Lillard trade finally transpiring. Rival front offices around the league have their hopes up that Lillard will finally do what he's sworn never to do, and ask out of Portland.

And while it's true that the Trail Blazers are exploring deals for the no. 3 pick in this month's draft — a move that Lillard has said is essential in order to bring in 'win-now' proven stars — it seems that everyone, including bettors, are predicting where Dame will land once (if?) he asks for a trade. 

Not surprisingly, the Miami Heat are the favorites to be Lillard's landing spot if a trade comes to pass. Dame himself said last week that "obviously" South Beach is where he'd want to go if dealt from the Pacific Northwest.  The Heat are listed at 2-1 odds. 

The second betting favorite, also not unexpected, is the Brooklyn Nets — the other team that Lillard called an "obvious" preferred destination. They're listed at 3-1.

But the Nets are tied with their cross-East River rivals the New York Knicks at 3-1. 

One surprise team to see high up in the odds is the Boston Celtics (4-1). Trail Blazers Insider Chris Haynes made it pretty clear, somewhat hilariously, that Lillard would never give the thumbs up to a trade to Beantown.

“He’s not doing Boston. He’s not. I don’t see that," said Haynes, laughing. “I think that’s pretty safe to say.”

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports