NBA Rumors: Teams Around The League Keeping A Close Eye On Washington Wizards Star


After the Denver Nuggets captured their first Championship in NBA history, the off-season can truly begin, and with so much trade and free agent speculation, it's bound to be yet another wild one, with the expectation that many start players will be on the move again.

One player that has been talked about quite a lot in recent days is Washington Wizards offensive star Bradley Beal, with plenty of teams keeping a close eye on him, but with a no-trade clause, it's entirely up to him where he would land if he were to finally want to move on from the Wizards.

Unfortunately for teams looking into him, he will carry an annual cap hit of $50 million for the next four seasons, and with his injury history, it may be tough for Washington to move him, but for now, keep a close eye on the Wizards and their biggest star. 

Photo Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports