Top 3 Zion Williamson Trade Destinations

Rumors have the New Orleans Pelicans desperately interested in moving up in the lottery into one of the top picks in next Thursday's NBA Draft. They have been linked to interest in Scoot Henderson (one of the presumed top 3 picks). 

ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst has reported that teams around the league are keeping a close eye on the Pelicans, to see if they will actually finally pull the trigger.

"The league is wondering if the Pelicans are truly going to, for the first time, make Williamson available before the Draft.

"I don't know if anything's truly going to develop there, but I think it's fair to say, based on my conversations, there's an eye being kept toward whether the Pelicans would make Zion Williamson available," Windhorst said.

With all that in mind, let's have a look at three realistic trade scenarios for Zion Williamson:

Charlotte Hornets

With the No. 2 pick heading to New Orleans in return, the Pelicans would ensure themselves of getting their hands on their coveted target, Scoot Henderson. Would they be willing to trade a proven superstar (when healthy, which isn't often) for a budding superstar (with no guarantees)?

Portland Trail Blazers

Pairing Zion up with Damian Lillard is a tantalizing prospect for NBA fans (in the Pacific Northwest and everywhere else). The Blazers hold the No. 3 pick which they could return to the Pels, but this deal would have to wait until draft night, as the teams would have to wait and see if the Hornets take Henderson or Brandon Miller at No. 2. 

Chicago Bulls 

The Bulls do not have a lottery pick to send to the Big Easy, but this trade could sending two-time All-Star and 25 PPG scorer Zach LaVine in return for Williamson. The contracts pretty much match up as they both have max deals. But with Lonzo Ball already a long-term injury problem, would the Bulls really consider bringing in another perpetually injured star?  

These are fun trades to consider, but whether the Pelicans actually decide to move on from Zion is yet to be seen. 

Photo: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports