Top 7 Potential Destinations For Draymond Green In Free Agency

While many observers believe that Draymond Green will re-up with the Golden State Warriors now that he's opted out of the last year of his contract, there are others who are postulating that the Warriors just might not be able to re-sign the 33-year-old. 

Among those, are NBA Insiders Shams Charania and Zach Harper of The Athletic, and they've offered the seven most likely landing spots for the first-time free agent this summer, starting with the leader in the clubhouse:

Sacramento Kings

It wouldn't be a big move, geographically, and Draymond has a good relationship with Kings' coach Mike Brown. Green could be the missing piece to get this upstart team to the next level. And besides, the Warriors seem genuinely scared about this, as noted by former NBA exec John Hollinger:

The Warriors have to be sweating right now, at the very least, because there is now a highly plausible rival Green bidder on the market (in Sacramento).

Insider Brian Windhorst agrees. “The Kings can now go hunting for Draymond Green if they wish. …it’s the exact type of player they need.” 

The Kings can open up $34M in cap space by renouncing the rights to several players, including free agent Harrison Barnes.

Los Angeles Lakers

Draymond is a big LeBron fan, and Green would be a perfect fit for this team.

Dallas Mavericks

He'd help Luka Doncic immeasurably by taking pressure off him, allowing him play off the ball. The problem here is lack of assets to offer the Warriors in a sign-and-trade.

Houston Rockets

They've certainly got the cap space to make him a nice offer, but Draymond wouldn't be interested in "babysitting the young guys" on this roster, as Charania puts it. But if James Harden does indeed return to Houston, we might have something. 

Utah Jazz

Another team with oodles of cap room, but likely not close enough to contending to entice Green. 

Portland Trail Blazers

Could Green be the perfect complement to Lillard to placate his desire to win now? 

Golden State Warriors

We saved the best for last. Green does want to stay and run it back with Steph and Klay to go for their 5th ring together. And head coach Steve Kerr has made it clear he wants Draymond back. But will they put up a $100M long-term contract to keep it together? 

Photo: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports