Top Landing Spots For Free Agent Christian Wood

He seems to be the forgotten man of this year's free agent class; a young big man in his prime who has shown the ability to go 20-10 on any given night. But Christian Wood remains an unrestricted free agent without a team. 

He's averaged 18 points and nine rebounds the last three seasons, two in Houston and this past year in Dallas, but he does have defensive shortcomings that seem to be holding down his market. 

In fact, according to NBA Insider Jake Fischer, "there isn't an NBA front office out there that wants to pay him more than the minimum right now. I'd be surprised."

Here's a look at three potential landing spots for Wood:

Miami Heat

Fischer has heard that the Heat are interested in Wood, but everything is in a holding pattern for Pat Riley and Co. while the Damian Lillard situation is being worked on. The Heat have had interest in other supporting-role free agents in the past week or so (Mo Bamba, Dario Saric), but have watched them sign with other teams because Dame is Priority #1. 

Los Angeles Lakers

There'd be minimal expectations for Wood in LA, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis already in the frontcourt, so this would be an ideal situation for Wood to take a cheap, one-year deal, and show that he can contribute to a winning team. That could win him a bigger contract down the line. 

Golden State Warriors

Another similar situation to LA, where Wood could play a tremendous supporting scoring role off the bench, and prove his worth for a bigger contract next season. His defensive deficiencies in the frontcourt would be covered if he's on the floor with Draymond Green and Kevon Looney. It's an ideal fit. 

Photo: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports