NBA Exec Reveals 3 "Dark Horse" Teams Who Could Land Giannis

While talks of Giannis Antetokounmpo's future has once again been the topic of discussion in NBA circles, the latest report names three "dark horse" teams that could be in the running for the Greek Freak, if he doesn't sign an extension in Milwaukee in the next year. 

Per Sean Deveney at, one NBA executive believes “no one would be in a better position to get [Giannis] than OKC."

They’d have to be a starting point. They have the young talent, they have, I think it is nine (first-round) picks in the next three years. If Milwaukee decides, OK, we’ve got to move on here, that is the first team you call.

Certainly, the Oklahoma City Thunder are building something special out West, with a ton of young burgeoning stars. But would Giannis want to go there?

Two other dark horse, under-the-radar teams that "can't be ruled out" are the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs.

Raps team president Masai Ujiri has long been connected to his fellow African prodigy Antetonkoumpo. Before Giannis re-signed in Milwaukee a couple of years back, Toronto was considered a front-runner to woo him. 

The Spurs, of course, have Victor Wembanyama coming into the fold this season, and with a boatload of available cap space, have the money to give Giannis what he needs financially. And, of course, there's Pop. Legendary head coach Gregg Popovich, he of the five NBA championships. 

“I think you can’t rule out those kinds of teams,” the executive said. “Giannis has always carried himself like he is all about winning, like that is what matters most to him. He is a little different. I mean, that is the reputation, anyway. If that is really the case, then wouldn’t he want to go play for (Popovich), play alongside Wemby there? If Toronto can give up only one of its guys and brought back Giannis? They would really have something there.”

 Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports