NBA Rumors: 3 Teams For 3 Top Remaining Free Agents

There are still some notable players who remain free agents a month into the NBA season. Though none of them will swing the balance of power, each of these can fill a needed spot in a contending team's rotation. 

With the help of NBA Insider Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, here are 3 top remaining free agents and their best fit:

Taj Gibson

Team That Should Sign Him: Indiana Pacers

While the Pacers are incredibly talented and dynamic offensively, they are also young, inexperienced and not so tough defensively. Witness their insane 157-152 regulation win over the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday night. 

Gibson, 38, is a 6'9" power forward who embodies toughness, and though he wouldn't get too many minutes in that terrifically talented lineup, he could imbue some of the experience, leadership and defensive awareness that they're missing. 

Terrence Ross

Team That Should Sign Him: Dallas Mavericks

Ross was useful in his 21 games after signing on with the Phoenix Suns late last season, averaging 9.0 points a game while shooting 34.7% from three-point range. But he was a non-entity in the playoffs, and wasn't retained by the Suns. 

The Mavericks "can always benefit from additional floor spacing" for Luka Doncic, as noted by Pincus, and Ross, when he gets hot, can come in and shoot it off the bench. They brought in Seth Curry to suit that purpose this season, but he's been struggling at just 3.4 points per game, and 26.7% shooting from long range. T-Ross could fill a role in Dallas.

Danny Green

Team That Should Sign Him: Philadelphia 76ers

Yes, the same Sixers team that Green signed with this past summer, and then cut him, two games into the season, as a victim of the roster numbers game when Philly traded James Harden. 

Certainly, Green wouldn't garner a lot of minutes off the bench, but as a three-time NBA champion with three different teams, he knows the vibe there, having been in Philly for two seasons from 2020-2022 (and training camp this year), and his calm veteran voice and leadership could help them in the playoffs. 

Photo: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports