Reports: 2 Eastern Contenders To Be “Aggressive” Pursuing Siakam, Anunoby

As the Toronto Raptors continue to wallow around below the Play-In line, it's starting to become more evident that they'll have no choice but to be sellers at the trade deadline, and get some good assets in return for their two major impending free agents, Pascal Siakam and OG Onunoby. And now reports have two Eastern Conference contenders "aggressively" pursuing them.

Both the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers are said to be looking to trade for one of the Raptors' stars.

“I would expect [the Heat] to be aggressive," wrote Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated. "Maybe that means a Pascal Siakam. Maybe that means an OG Anunoby. That’s someone I don’t think they’d hesitate to pull the trigger on because you could re-sign those guys if you’re Miami.”

OG certainly seems like an Erik Spoelstra type of player. 

Adrian Wojnarowski said the Pacers, who have broken through big-time this year and play in the In-Season Tournament Final Saturday night, are ready to push all their chips in to get to the next level, and that they're looking for "a big, athletic two-way wing player" to join their lineup headed up by emerging superstar Tyrese Haliburton.

Either Siakam or Anunoby could easily fit that description and fill a tremendous role on the Pacers.

Interesting times for the Raptors over the next couple of months. 

Photo: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports