Ex-Lakers Teammates Schroder & Russell Trashing Each Other: “That Sh*t is Weak!"


They were together with the Los Angeles Lakers last season, but things didn't finish well. D'Angelo Russell feels that Dennis Schroder was the coach's favorite, and that he was left hung out to dry. 

Come playoff time, head coach Darvin Ham made Schroder his starting point guard and D'Lo was a forgotten man. This year, with Schroder gone (first to Toronto, now to Brooklyn), Russell has shown a newfound confidence in the second half, and he's letting a lot more than just his game do the talking, as he told ESPN's Dave McMenamin: 

(Schroder's) relationship with Darvin is the reason I  couldn't have a relationship with Darvin. When I was struggling, I would've been able to come to the coach and say, ‘Bro, this is what we should do. Like, I can help you.' Instead, there was no dialogue. … I just accepted it.

And we got swept and I'm (still) here and he's not. And I like our chances.

Schroder has now shot back with his own savage trash talk:

“I don't understand it. But at the end of the day, it just shows off (his) immaturity,” said Schroder, per Brian Lewis in the New York Post. “You're not really mature if you’re just keeping somebody's name in (your) mouth and just running it. I don't understand.”

And this isn't the first time these two have gone at it this season. They let each other have it, on the court, mid-game, back in January:

After Schroder called D'Lo a “Weak a** n****”, Russell shot back with “That sh*t is weak… Stop doing that weak a** sh*t."

Let's all circle March 31st on our calendars: The Lakers visit the Brooklyn Nets, for what should be the next round of trash-talking. 

photo: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports