Sixers Pursuit of Paul George Takes A New Turn

Ever since the season ended, it's seemed like the Paul George free agent sweepstakes would end with the 9-time All-Star signing with the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid even went on an ESPN panel with George during the Finals and tried to recruit him

But now we're learning, courtesy of insider Shams Charania, that the Sixers have decided to back off on the PG pursuit. 

As noted by Evan Sidery, this move could mean that Philly must have another solid play in place—likely with another star. "The franchise is expected to be aggressive elsewhere with its salary cap flexibility and draft capital leading into next week’s NBA Draft," wrote Charania.

The Sixers do have a lot of cap space to play with, but it's been assumed that head honcho Daryl Morey is desperate to obtain a third superstar to play alongside Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

George does have a player option at $48.7 million, and he still has the option of picking it up rather than entering free agency. But that seems unlikely when he can land a multi-year deal, which, at the age of 34, it behooves him to do, particularly with his recent injury history.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst is just confused about what the Clippers are doing, and why they haven't re-signed George yet. "I don't fully understand what (the Clippers are doing)... Paul George does have other options out there... Yet, here he is, still a free agent. Why?! Why have they not made that (extension) offer?"

If Philly is indeed out of the picture, the Orlando Magic likely take on the frontrunner's role if he doesn't return to the Clippers.

Photo: © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports