Mark Cuban Provides an Update on Delonte West

A few weeks ago we reported Delonte West was spotted in the Dallas streets, begging for money, and appearing to be strung out on drugs. The NBA community cringed at the site, and it didn't take long for someone to step up. That someone was Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban and Cuban has now provided us an update on West' condition.

Cuban got in contact with West, helped get him signed up for Rehab and by all accounts, hooked him up with everything that he needs. Such a great site to see the smile on his face.  West is currently in detox to clean out his system of all the terrible drugs he was reliant on. 

The NBA community made sure to show Cuban love for doing what we all wanted to do. Kudos, Mr Cuban. 

Photo credit: Darrell Walker/Icon Sportswire